“Join Data to Layer” Feature

If you are an EasyTerritory user, then likely you are aware of the extensive layer catalog that comes out-of-the-box with EasyTerritory. You can access ZIP code boundaries, ZIP code center points, US county boundaries, US county center points, US state boundaries, as well as several layers representing international civic boundaries. What you may not be […]

EasyTerritory Keyboard Shortcuts

Are you aware of the various keyboard shortcuts available to help streamline your experience using EasyTerritory? Here are some of the most helpful shortcuts featured in EasyTerritory: For a quick zoom into a particular spot on the map, simply hold down the Ctrl key, click and drag an envelope on the map, and EasyTerritory will […]

EasyTerritory Announces Support for SugarCRM!

We are pleased to announce that EasyTerritory has been expanded to include integration with SugarCRM! SugarCRM customers are now able to map their records directly from their CRM into EasyTerritory, use EasyTerritory to update their records, and write their updates from EasyTerritory back into SugarCRM. Customers can use EasyTerritory’s ability to write back to SugarCRM […]

Version 3 Release!

The team has been working hard to bring to market our Version 3 release of EasyTerritory, and it is finally here! This release is a significant product change delivering primarily on two fronts: authentication and mobile access. Azure AD Support Version 3 supports Azure Active Directory and ADFS 2016 with OpenID Connect. If you are […]

Managed Solution for Dynamics 365 Now Available on AppSource!

We are proud to announce that EasyTerritory’s Managed Solution for Dynamics 365 is now available on Microsoft’s Appsource. Login to Microsoft’s Appsource and search for EasyTerritory. Download our Managed Solution for the following features: Geocode Workflow Plugin: Geocode records using Bing Maps in any entity that include an address, city, state or postal code fields. […]

Whitepaper: How EasyTerritory Enhances a Dynamics 365 for Field Service Implementation

We are often asked how EasyTerritory fits into a Dynamics 365 for Field Service implementation, so we put together this whitepaper to explain. While the D365 Field Service solution has several mapping features, the real benefit of EasyTerritory is on the front end, defining and managing your service areas (or, as we like to call […]

EasyTerritory Announces January 2018 Release

The EasyTerritory product team has been hard at work on several major new features for our January 2018 release (ver: 2.91.6).  First, we’re pleased to introduce Automatic Territory Building (Auto-Build, for short)!  With Auto-Build, a territory manager can build territories from scratch or realign territories, balancing on a column in your data.  For example, territory balancing […]

Join EasyTerritory at booth #462, Dynamics 365 Summit 2017 in Nashville!

We are in Nashville!  Are you?  EasyTerritory is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of D365 Summit 2017 in Nashville, TN (10/10/2017-10/13/2017).   If you’re here please stop by booth #462, say hello, and get some cool EasyTerritory swag!

EasyTerritory Announces October 2017 Release

The October 2017 release of EasyTerritory (v2.88.0) is available now. There are a lot of new features and improvements in this release: New create marketing list in Dynamics 365 support Improved upload/download menus with helpful links to get you started New data-change history tracking for real-time service layers New POI (points of interest) support Improved […]


The June 2017 release of EasyTerritory (v2.77.7) is available now. This release is packed full of exciting new features customers have been asking for. We will take a detailed look at some the new features below. If you are ready to upgrade, please contact your EasyTerritory account manager today. Geocoder Updates (Version 2.0) Improved geocoding […]