Sales and Service Territory Management, Route Planning, and Mobile Maps

EasyTerritory for SQL Azure

Don’t have Dynamics 365? No Problem!  EasyTerritory for SQL Azure is an alternative for companies that want to harness the power of Enterprise Edition.  Business data such as accounts, leads, opportunities, or work orders can be feed to the EasyTerritory Ingestion Data Service to automate integration with other CRM and ERP systems.  EasyTerritory for SQL Azure also includes data read connectors SugarCRM and Salesforce.

Features Include

Territory Management: Build territories from US ZIP Codes, counties, states and other political boundaries.

Auto-Build & Realign Territories: Realign territories with optimization tools.

Custom Data Connectors: Map data directly from SugarCRM and Salesforce.

Ingestion Data Service: Programmatically Feed business data to EasyTerritory via Excel or CSV.

REST API: Perform territory lookup through the REST API.

Business Intelligence: Overlay business data to get valuable business-intel with classifications, filtering, hotspots, and instant statistics.

Scheduling and Routing: Create schedules, route services and sales activities.

Mobile Mapping: Create map views for access on mobile phones in the field.

Upload Excel Data: Import address information from an Excel or CSV.

Publish Maps to Power BI: Collaborate and share your maps with anyone.

GIS Integration: Support for overlaying additional geographic data sets.

SAP, NetSuite, Salesforce, SugarCRM

EasyTerritory for SQL Azure supports integration with other CRM ERP platforms while still providing robust territory management and route planning capabilities.  Integration with these common third-party platforms is accomplished with the EasyTerritory Ingestion Data Service, REST API, and custom connectors.

Power BI Territory Map Visual

Collaboration and territory performance reporting across your organization is easy with the Power BI Territory Map Visual. Share current and future alignment scenarios with anyone.

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