EasyMap: Azure Maps PCF Control

EasyMap: The Premier Dynamics 365 Map Integration

EasyMap is a native PowerApps Component Framework (PCF) control that embeds in Dynamics 365 or the Power Platform Dataverse by leveraging Azure Maps map control for fluid navigation and base map. Packed with intelligent route optimization and customer data-mapping functionality, EasyMap is the go-to solution if your organization needs a multi-stop route planner within a user-friendly Dynamics 365 map view.

What is EasyMap and who should use it?

EasyMap is purposely built for outside sales and field service reps to plan routes or to visualize where leads, accounts, or service calls are located around them while out in the field. It provides a CRM map, giving you detailed, real-time data that would be inaccessible using any free route mapper on the market. Other solutions, such as Badger Maps, integrate with a suite of other softwares, but EasyTerritory’s EasyMap is solely dedicated to supporting organizations who wish to use PowerApps as their Multiple Location Map solution.

If your current map routing software is complicated to use, your reps are likely not using it. We’ve combined rep feedback and real-world industry use cases to provide the simplest UI for your reps to get the geolocation data they need, fast!

Most Microsoft PCF Controls can load records from only one view or entity at a time. EasyTerritory EasyMap supports loading records from multiple views, across multiple entities, to be displayed on a map within Dynamics 365and there are many other useful field and sales route mapping features available to your team!

The following is a list of the primary use cases for the EasyMap PCF Azure Maps Visual:

CRM Maps: Visualize CRM Data from Multiple Entities (Customer Locations) in a Dataverse or D365 Map View

EasyTerritory EasyMap Dynamics 365 Dataverse Azure Maps PowerApp

EasyMap provides views for geospatial data to display within the map, without compromising the user interface. Users are able to click multiple map pins to view various bits of information attributed to each customer or location account.

With a user-friendly map interface, your productivity will far exceed a makeshift sales route planner in Excel. Use the intelligent search, sorting and filtering functions to visualize your data in a way that makes sense, with customer data right there on an embedded Azure Map.

Field and Sales Route Optimization: Calculate Distance and Travel-time Between Locations

EasyMap Multi-stop Sales Field Service Route Planning

EasyMap allows sales reps and service technicians to plan optimized multi-stop routes.  Changes can quickly be editing to add and remove stops from a schedule. Once routes are saved, they can be easily access on a phone for use in Apple Maps or Google Maps.

Is your organization still having your reps use Google Maps as a route planner? Or worse, letting reps Google their own “plan my route” app? By adopting a dedicated route planning app for your team, your organization will be able to create a more efficient, standardized, and data-driven approach to creating daily or weekly D365 routes for sales and service appointments.

Travel-time Rings with PowerApps: Map Multiple Locations Using a Time-Based Approach

EasyTerritory EasyMap Travel Time Ring Azure Maps

EasyMap provides the ability to create travel-time rings: polygons that are defined by a user-input travel time. For instance, a sales or service rep can enter a travel time of 15 minutes; their EasyTerritory EasyMap will render a polygon encompassing all of the location pins that are within the travel time from their current location. Travel times can be determined through three modes of transportation: driving, transit (where available) and walking.

Cross-Platform Integrations: Power Apps such as Apple Maps, Google Maps, or Waze directly from your EasyMap app.

EasyMap Multi-Location Sales Territory Map Apple Maps App Integration

Use your favorite mobile map apps directly from the EasyTerritory EasyMap interface. Click on a location pin to pull up the location information, click the ‘Directions’ link at the bottom of the popup and you’ll be asked which map app you’d like to use, whether it’s Apple Maps, Google Maps or the popular Waze app.

Once you select your preferred mobile map app, your PowerApps map route will populate it with turn-by-turn travel information to get you from point A to point B!

Not Just a Route Planning Software

As we’ve described, EasyMap is not just another route planner app to find speedy routes. It is a seamless integration with Microsoft Power Platform that boasts a data-packed visual interface for your field reps to share data, adapt to schedule changes, save time, and plot unlimited stops and customer data.

If you would like to learn more about configuring your instance of EasyMap, please visit our documentation page here for a step-by-step guide.

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