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Edition Standard Enterprise
Supported Data Sources  
Excel and .CSV (with on-the-fly geocoding and territory building)
Microsoft Azure Maps Includes 60K transactions/year Includes 260K transactions/year
Microsoft Bing Maps Customer supplied Customer supplied
Power BI Territory Visual Up to 20 users Unlimited users
Dynamics 365 for Sales (Leads, Accounts, Opportunities, Custom Entities)  
Dynamics 365 for Field Service (Accounts, Assets, Work Orders, Custom Entities)  
Dynamics 365 for Marketing (Leads, Accounts, Opportunities, Custom Entities)  
Custom Tables from SQL Azure feed by EasyTerritory Ingestion Data Service  
Salesforce (read-only)  
SugarCRM (read-only)  
Business Intelligence  
Add data to the map  
Global street and aerial coverage with Microsoft Bing Maps or Microsoft Azure Maps
Spreadsheet of customer data with addresses (Excel/CSV)
Additional datasets provided by EasyTerritory (e.g. Postal Codes, Political Boundaries, Demographic Indicators)
High-resolution aerials and Bird’s Eye View from Microsoft Bing Maps
Traffic from Microsoft Bing Maps
US weather radar
Classify and Filter Data  
Customize the symbology (shape and color) classifications of features on the map
Create classifications by range or exact value based on data fields
Filter data based on multiple criteria
Manage Map Features  
Create hotspot density maps from point data
Point clustering
Create heatmap (aka. thematic or choropleth) maps
Identify callout box with feature details
Select map features by geographic region
Create travel-time rings by amount of time and method of transportation
Zoom to the map by street address or free-form text search on map features
Collaborate, Import and Export  
Save and share maps with others
Join tabular data with existing map layers
Export query selection (data-grid) results to Excel
Export territories in standard geo format
Territory Management  
Build, Realign, and Delete Territories on the Map  
Bulk create territories from lists of geographies (Countries, States, Counties, ZIPs (Postal Codes), etc.)
Automatically build territories from scratch using geographies (States, Counties, ZIPs (Postal Codes), etc.) with balancing on data metrics (e.g. Revenue, Customer Count, or Workload)
Automatically realign territories with balancing on a data metrics (e.g. Revenue, Customer Count, or Workload).
Manually select geographies on the map using zip code, county, state, and other political boundary layers to build territories
Realign by moving counties or ZIP (postal) codes between territories
Support for overlapping (nested) territories (e.g. district>region>territory)
Edit territories by hand with snapping support
Edit by stitching, cropping and welding other territories
Export territory alignments to Excel/CSV (e.g. Postal Code, Rep Name)
Territory Statistics Features  
Get instant statistics while editing territories (number of accounts, total sales, etc.)
Get statistics across all territories and color-code them by standard deviation from mean
Additional Territory Management Features for Dynamics 365  
Automatically update all CRM entities (accounts, leads, etc.) that are within the territories
Write territory records back to the territory entity or custom entity in CRM
Lead assignment support
Create Marketing List
Sales and Service Call Productivity  
Partition (divide) locations by stop delay and drive time
Schedule visits by week
Create optimized service/sales territories by proximity, distribution and custom variables
Fine-route for drivers and get turn-by-turn directions
Print routes
Save routes
Send routes to mobile view
Mobile Sales Productivity (Mobile-only license includes just these features)  
Share multiple datasets to mobile devices
Secure your data with EasyTerritory authentication
Identify and filter data on your mobile map
Leverage device’s GPS to do on-the-fly routing
Add and manage EasyTerritory users
Manage user projects
Create and manage groups (groups support project and data access to specfic users)
Create and manage catalog data layers
Advanced application level settings
Monitor system logs
Technical Details  
Hosting in the world-class Microsoft Azure cloud (cloud option)
Supports Azure AD and ADFS 2016 (OpenId Connect)

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