Territory Management, Capacity Planning, and Route Optimization with Excel

EasyTerritory for Excel

EasyTerritory for Excel is the base-level product that gets organizations started managing territories and route planning quickly and easily.  This Edition supports uploading data into the maps through Excel and CSV spreadsheets.

Features Include

Territory Management: Build territories from US ZIP Codes, counties, states and other political boundaries.

Auto-Build & Realign Territories: Realign territories with optimization tools.

Business Intelligence: Overlay business data uploaded from Excel to get valuable business-intel with classifications, filtering , hotspots, and instant statistics.

Travel-time rings: Create travel rings around business data with estimated travel distance and time.

Scheduling and Routing: Create schedules, route services and sales activities.

Upload Excel Data: Import address information from an Excel or CSV.

Leading MapPoint Alternative: EasyTerritory is the leading MapPoint upgrade and replacement.

Upload from Excel!

EasyTerritory for Excel is the leading MapPoint replacement. Do everything you could with MapPoint plus a whole lot more! This version is perfect for the organization that needs to quickly and efficient build, realign, and manage territories using Excel.  Choose between two base-map options, Azure Maps or Bing Maps.

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