Marketing List Creation, Locational Insights, and Lead Assignment for Dynamics 365 for Marketing

EasyTerritory for Dynamics 365 for Marketing

EasyTerritory is the perfect add-on for Dynamics 365 Marketing providing locational insight to a marketing team.  With EasyTerritory, marketers can use an interactive map to build marketing lists and automate lead assignment and perform powerful business intelligence analysis for a sales organization.

Features Include

Full Dynamics 365 Integration: Map Leads, Accounts, Opportunities, and any other entity or custom entities data.

Business Intelligence: Overlay business data from Dynamics 365 to get valuable business-intel with classifications, filtering, hotspots, and instant statistics.

Upload Lead Lists to the Map: Import lead lists into a map prior to pushing to Dynamics.

Export to Dynamics 365 Marketing List: Select Lead or Account records on a map and export results to a Static Marketing List.

Create Marketing List Geofences: Build geofences to automate adding Leads or Accounts to a Dynamic Marketing List.

Dashboard: Embed EasyTerritory maps within a Dynamics 365 dashboard or entity form.

Leading MapPoint Alternative: EasyTerritory is the leading MapPoint upgrade and replacement.


Build Marketing Lists with a Map

EasyTerritory for Dynamics 365 for Marketing supports using a map to select records and build a static marketing list or define an area for a dynamic list.

Perform powerful Geospatial BI

Harness the power of locational BI with ad-hoc analysis tools and rich visualizations.


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