Hidden Territory Realignment Intelligence

As of the November release, the territory realign process has been streamlined in a very exciting way! This is done through our new Hidden Territory Realign Intelligence. Check out how it works: Previously, if a user was building his territories using postal codes, all postal code boundaries would be in play for the realign process, […]

EasyTerritory Proudly Sponsors eXtreme365 in Austin, TX!

The EasyTerritory Team is proud to announce our Silver Sponsorship at eXtreme365 next week in Austin, TX! We’ll have a booth (#10) and I will also be presenting a partner showcase session on Wednesday (12/5) @ 11:30 AM CST: Territory Management and Geospatial Strategies for Dynamics 365 Presented by EasyTerritory Click here for session details […]

November 2018 Release!

EasyTerritory is pleased to announce our November 2018 release! The November release (v 3.24.2) includes a number of exciting new features that users will find very helpful. New Azure Maps Support! EasyTerritory has always supported Bing Maps as the basemap platform, and now with the November 2018 release EasyTerritory additionally supports Microsoft’s new Azure Maps […]

EasyTerritory Supports Azure Maps!

The EasyTerritory development team is excited to bring Microsoft Azure Maps support to market in our November 2018 release. The Bing Maps option remains fully supported, so our customers will have two excellent location services options from Microsoft. Let’s look at the new Azure Maps Support in EasyTerritory! Enabling Azure Maps To enable Azure Maps […]

Join EasyTerritory at booth #617, Dynamics 365 Summit 2018 in Phoenix!

We are setup and ready to go in Phoenix! EasyTerritory is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of D365 Summit 2018 in Phoenix, AZ (10/15/2018-10/18/2018). If you’re here please stop by booth #617, say hello, and get some cool EasyTerritory swag! I will also be presenting a partner showcase session on Wednesday (10/17) @ 10 […]

Capacity Planning

Capacity Planning (CP) is a new feature available in 3.19.x. CP allows an analyst to estimate the necessary manpower (workload) for a given region based on historical service records (work orders.) The estimated workload is broken down by service date and the results are displayed in the statistics panel which provides additional information such as […]

September 2018 Release!

EasyTerritory is excited to announce the updates that will be included in the September 2018 release, which will include improvements to our Partitioning feature and enhancements to the Markup panel! Improvements to the Partitioning Feature! -With the new release, EasyTerritory users now have the ability to partition points by the number of hours that a […]

Adding a Custom Layer to the Catalog

Did you know that, in addition to the various out-of-the-box geography layers EasyTerritory has, users can also add their own custom layer to the catalog? Say for instance a user has created this project for his territories in the state of Texas: Now imagine another user needs to create his own project, and he needs […]

Create Travel-Rings

There are a variety of ways EasyTerritory users can build their territories. Many users will build territories by geographical boundaries, things like ZIP codes, county boundaries, or even state or country boundaries. Some users prefer to build their own territory boundaries manually using EasyTerritory’s drawing tools. There is another option for building territories as well. […]

July 2018 Release: Now Supporting Salesforce and SugarCRM

EasyTerritory is pleased to announce our July 2018 release! This July release (EasyTerritory v3.12.00) includes several new features, but what we are most excited about is the ability to integrate with new CRM platforms. NEW CRM INTEGRATION! Most users know EasyTerritory has long had the ability to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365. With the July […]