February 2019 Release!

EasyTerritory is pleased to announce our February 2019 release! The February release (v 3.34.03) includes several exciting new features and performance improvements • Next-generation territory building engine with speed increases from 200% to well over 500% • New cross-country territory building intelligence using new layer country codes • Simplified territory-builder user-experience • New missing-parts report […]

ROI with Territory Mapping Software + Microsoft Dynamics 365

Want to know the five easy steps to maximize your return on investment in SaaS territory mapping software integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365?  Check out our featured article dedicated to explaining why your organization should embrace territory management software!

Mobile-Only Users

Map Sharing At EasyTerritory we occasionally get inquiries from users as to whether it is possible to share maps that have been created with people who are not themselves EasyTerritory users. Sometimes there will be a person in the organization who might benefit from seeing an updated territory map, or perhaps a map of a […]

Happy New Year from EasyTerritory

All of us at EasyTerritory would like to thank all of our users for helping us to have a great year in 2018! We look forward to making 2019 even better, including with our upcoming January release, which will bring dramatic performance enhancements to the territory builder. Stay tuned, and Happy New Year!

Bulk Point Editing Feature

Territory management takes many forms. Often EasyTerritory users will build their territories using geographic boundaries like Postal Codes, Counties, or States. Sometimes, though, a user will simply want to have a point layer color coded according to territory assigned. This is helpful in cases where there is a good deal of overlap in territories making […]

Hidden Territory Realignment Intelligence

As of the November release, the territory realign process has been streamlined in a very exciting way! This is done through our new Hidden Territory Realign Intelligence. Check out how it works: Previously, if a user was building his territories using postal codes, all postal code boundaries would be in play for the realign process, […]

EasyTerritory Proudly Sponsors eXtreme365 in Austin, TX!

November 2018 Release!

EasyTerritory is pleased to announce our November 2018 release! The November release (v 3.24.2) includes a number of exciting new features that users will find very helpful. New Azure Maps Support! EasyTerritory has always supported Bing Maps as the basemap platform, and now with the November 2018 release EasyTerritory additionally supports Microsoft’s new Azure Maps […]

EasyTerritory Supports Azure Maps!

The EasyTerritory development team is excited to bring Microsoft Azure Maps support to market in our November 2018 release. The Bing Maps option remains fully supported, so our customers will have two excellent location services options from Microsoft. Let’s look at the new Azure Maps Support in EasyTerritory! Enabling Azure Maps To enable Azure Maps […]

Join EasyTerritory at booth #617, Dynamics 365 Summit 2018 in Phoenix!

We are setup and ready to go in Phoenix! EasyTerritory is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of D365 Summit 2018 in Phoenix, AZ (10/15/2018-10/18/2018). If you’re here please stop by booth #617, say hello, and get some cool EasyTerritory swag! I will also be presenting a partner showcase session on Wednesday (10/17) @ 10 […]