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EasyTerritory Auto-builder

A powerful capability of EasyTerritory is its Auto-builder feature. The auto-builder calculates equitable territories from a workload and incentive standpoint, where the workload is the total driving and on-site visitation time and where incentives correlate to a metric on the account data.

COVID-19 Data Layer

EasyTerritory now has a new COVID-19 data layer for the US based on the Johns Hopkins CSSE dataset located at: https://github.com/CSSEGISandData/COVID-19. We have joined this data with our US county polygon layer and will make it available to customers upon request. Please reach out to sales@easyterritory.com if you would like this data-set added to your […]

EasyTerritory Supports Azure Maps!

The EasyTerritory development team is excited to bring Microsoft Azure Maps support to market in our November 2018 release. The Bing Maps option remains fully supported, so our customers will have two excellent location services options from Microsoft. Let’s look at the new Azure Maps Support in EasyTerritory! Enabling Azure Maps To enable Azure Maps […]

EasyTerritory Announces October 2017 Release

The October 2017 release of EasyTerritory (v2.88.0) is available now. There are a lot of new features and improvements in this release: New create marketing list in Dynamics 365 support Improved upload/download menus with helpful links to get you started New data-change history tracking for real-time service layers New POI (points of interest) support Improved […]