Recordings: Microsoft Dynamics 365 + EasyTerritory Webinar Series

Thank you to everyone who attended our Microsoft Dynamics 365 + EasyTerritory Webinar Series! We covered a lot of content on how EasyTerritory helps improve territory management and data visualization within the Dynamics 365 platform. We’d also like to thank Rick McCutcheon, Microsoft Dynamics 365 MVP and social selling expert, for hosting the series. If […]

Industry Study: Food, Beverage, & Consumer Packaged Goods Distribution

Organizations in the distribution business, specifically food, beverage and consumer packaged goods distribution, have a unique set of challenges. Come and view EasyTerritory’s recent industry study on Food, Beverage, and Consumer Packaged Goods Distribution to see if EasyTerritory can help your business thrive. If your company is interested in a free trial, please contact us […]

Industry Study: Field Service and Delivery

Success in the field service and delivery industry depends on an efficient and well-designed distribution model. Come view EasyTerritory’s industry study on Field Service and Delivery to see how EasyTerritory can help with scheduling and routing in order to make your business operate as efficiently as possible. If your company is interested in a free […]

Industry Study: Franchises and Dealerships

Does your growing business have a need to better manage franchises or dealership networks? Then come check out EasyTerritory’s industry study for Franchise and Dealership Network Management If you’re interested in a free trial, please contact us at

Case Study with O’Neal Steel

Have you seen the EasyTerritory case study done by our customer O’Neal Steel? In it you’ll see outlined their specific use case, as well as how EasyTerritory helped provide the solution. O’Neal Steel Sales and Marketing Manager David Goff said: “I am impressed with how easy it is to realign our territories. When we need […]

EasyTerritory Webinars

Were you able to attend EasyTerritory’s recent webinar on Territory Management and Geospatial (Mapping) Strategies for Dynamics 365 for Sales? Our own Benton Belcher, along with Dynamics 365 CRM MVP Rick McCutcheon hosted the online event to help show Dynamics users how a good territory management process will lead to a huge return on investment […]

Dynamics 365 Saturday comes to Florida!

What are you doing Saturday, February 23rd? Headed to sunny Tampa, Florida? Consider this your invitation to join EasyTerritory and other industry leaders at Dynamics 365 Saturday Tampa, an engaging free technical and strategy event in Tampa. EasyTerritory is a proud sponsor and excited to be speaking at an amazing event that brings together Dynamics […]

February 2019 Release!

EasyTerritory is pleased to announce our February 2019 release! The February release (v 3.34.03) includes several exciting new features and performance improvements • Next-generation territory building engine with speed increases from 200% to well over 500% • New cross-country territory building intelligence using new layer country codes • Simplified territory-builder user-experience • New missing-parts report […]

ROI with Territory Mapping Software + Microsoft Dynamics 365

Want to know the five easy steps to maximize your return on investment in SaaS territory mapping software integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365?  Check out our featured article dedicated to explaining why your organization should embrace territory management software!

Mobile-Only Users

Map Sharing At EasyTerritory we occasionally get inquiries from users as to whether it is possible to share maps that have been created with people who are not themselves EasyTerritory users. Sometimes there will be a person in the organization who might benefit from seeing an updated territory map, or perhaps a map of a […]