OKTA Configuration for EasyTerritory

OKTA Configuration for EasyTerritory

With the latest version of EasyTerritory, we can now use OKTA as an IdP so users can sign-on to EasyTerritory under OKTA.  Use the following instructions to integrate EasyTerritory with your OKTA deployment.

1. Register your EasyTerritory instance in OKTA using the properties shown below:

2. Access the EasyTerritory Admin Settings Panel and apply the Authority, Client ID, and Client Secret obtained from the OKTA application registration as shown below:

Note: Be sure to check the RP Initiated Logout option as shown.

Once the EasyTerritory application has been registered in your OKTA portal, users of EasyTerritory will see a Single Sign-on experience into EasyTerritory and will be prompted to log into Dynamics 365 separately from within EasyTerritory the first time they open a FetchXML project during each browsing session.

Embed, OKTA-enabled EasyTerritory Application in Dynamics 365

By default, EasyTerritory with OKTA enabled, will redirect to the IDP sign-on page in the browser.  If you would like to embed EasyTerritory with a dashboard using an Iframe in Dynamics 365, you will need to append the following querystring property to the Iframe URL &useIdpPopup=true.

Example:  https://apps.easyterritory.com/{YOUR GUID}/APP/index.html?projectId={YOUR PROJECT GUID}&useIdpPopup=true

An additional Redirect URL will need to be included in the EasyTerritory Application Registration in OKTA as follows:

Example:  https://apps.easyterritory.com/{YOUR GUID}/APP/OidcPopupCallback.aspx


For questions, contact Support@EasyTerritory.com.