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EasyTerritory 3.122.01 Release

A new update to EasyTerritory has been released, version 3.122.01. You can read about the details here:https://www.easyterritory.com/documentation/whats-new-release-notes/ To find out more information regarding this release, or if you are ready to upgrade or wish to sign up for a free trial, please contact us at sales@easyterritory.com.

July 2021 Release!

EasyTerritory is excited to announce our July 2021 release.  Version 3.107.01 has enhancements and new features as outlined below: Enhancements include: EasyTerritory comes with a new PowerBI integration service. Be on the lookout for updates on this in the future! The new markup workflow is able to create aggregated polygons from groups of territories The […]

EasyTerritory Earns the Preferred Solution Badge from Microsoft

We are excited to announce that Microsoft has given EasyTerritory a Preferred Solution designation on their AppSource marketplace. What is a Preferred Solution? The Preferred Solution designation is given to ISV cloud applications listed on Microsoft AppSource and is hand-selected by a Microsoft team based on competency and capability. Typically, organizations across many verticals can […]

New Support for Refresh-Classify

Beginning with version 3.80.00, EasyTerritory now supports a “Refresh-Classify” feature for all cache-local client-rendered layers. This means layers can have a data column flagged to force EasyTerritory to run an “auto-classify” on every project load. For example, let’s say a user has a customer data set that gets updated in CRM each time a new […]

February 2020 Release!

EasyTerritory is excited to announce our February 2020 release. The enhancements to EasyTerritory included in this release are primarily around maintenance and performance improvement. Enhancements Enhancements included in the February 2020 release include: Performance improvements to the partitioning feature Performance improvements to the territory auto-build feature Improvements to client-side layers, bringing their functionality on level […]

EasyTerritory featured in Azure Maps Microsoft Ignite Presentation

Did you get a chance to see Microsoft’s Azure Maps team, led by Principal Technical Program Manager Ricky Brunditt, discuss EasyTerritory in their Microsoft Ignite session? If not, please check out the video of the session here! The EasyTerritory information begins around the 19:00 minute mark. Thank you, Ricky and team, for your nice work […]

October 2019 Release!

EasyTerritory is excited to announce our October 2019 release. There are a number of enhancements included in the October release (v 3.64.03) that we know will be helpful to our EasyTerritory Users. Enhancements to Partitioning Firstly, the October release features a new, 2nd-generation partitioning engine that is faster, and even better at clustering partitions to […]

Second-Generation Partitioning Engine

EasyTerritory is excited to announce our new second-generation partitioning engine to be showcased in our October 2019 Release. It’s faster and more capable than our previous partitioning feature. Users get a new contour view of the partitions while running. This provides better feedback in terms of how well the data is clustered. You can also […]

Industry Study: Machine Tool Industry

From the EasyTerritory Case study on the Manufacturing and Machine Tool Industry: “Tracking incoming lead-assignments in the Machine Tool Industry (MTI) on a global scale requires intelligent automation to connect each prospect with the right representative…Routing (leads) to the appropriate salesperson is a challenge… To see how EasyTerritory helps to solve the challenges facing companies […]

New Capacity Planning

Would your business benefit from gaining a clearer understanding of the amount of how many sales reps or service techs you will need in a given territory? Come check out EasyTerritory’s new Capacity Planning feature! Find a full explanation of the Capacity Planning feature here! If your company is interested in a free trial of […]