NOTE: The following documentation is for EasyTerritory integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM.

The Map View Builder page in Dynamics CRM allows your to map multiple CRM views from multiple entities into a single map with multiple layers. The Map View Builder will query all of the System and User defined views that you have access to, that also have columns with latitude and longitude fields added and displays them in a check list. You then select the views you want to map and launch EasyTerritory to view the data.


There are several requirements that must be met in order to use the Map View Builder

  1. You must have installed/updated to the EasyTerritory_Components Solution version 2015.07 ( or later.
  2. The current logged in user must have ‘read’ security rights to the EasyTerritory Settings entity. If you are a system administrator, you can assign users to a newly created EasyTerritory User security group that should have been installed with the CRM Solution. If you are not a CRM system administrator, contact your adminstrator to be granted access.
  3. A system administrator must have configured the settings on the configuration page for the EasyTerritory_Components Solution. This page can be accessed in CRM by navigating to Settings -> Customizations -> Solutions and selecting the EasyTerritory_Components Solution. Then click the Configuration link in the left navigation to access the configuration page.


EZT Instance URL – This is the URL to your EasyTerritory Instance
crmAdvFindLatFields – These are the valid SDK Field names that the Map View Builder will look for to identify Latitude values that it can be mapped. (e.g. address1_latitude, new_latitude)
crmAdvFindLonFields – These are the valid SDK Field names that the Map View Builder will look for to identify Longitude values that it can be mapped. (e.g. address1_longitude, new_longitude)


To Utilize the Map View Builder, simply access the Dashboard that should have been installed with the EasyTerritory managed solution file.

Note: Navigation Steps may be different based on your version of Dynamics CRM and any Site Map modifications implemented.

  1. Navigate to Sales -> Dashboards
  2. Select the EasyTerritory Map View Builder dashboard
  3. Select one or more views available with Latitude and Longitude fields
  4. Click Map Selected Views to launch EasyTerritory.