SpotOn Map (Web Resource)

SpotOn Map (Web Resource)

SpotOn is a simple map widget that can be embedded in a Dynamics 365 entity form and provides an easy and intuitive way to geocode (derive a latitude/longitude from an address) or mouse-click a pushpin to set a record location. SpotOn is written in HTML5 so it works great with touch gestures on a Windows Surface or iPad.

Out-of-the-box, the plugin supports Bing Maps (Road and Hybrid) for the base map. Since the map interface is a tiled (slippy) map; zooming and panning are very fluid and responsive. Through a custom configuration, the map plugin binds to latitude and longitude fields on your form. When the form loads, if latitude and longitude values are present the map automatically zooms to the location and shows a pushpin. If no latitude/longitude values are present on the record, the map control reads the address off of the form and does an on-the-fly geocode to Bing Maps to get the lat/lon. After the geocode, the lat/lon is set on the form and can be saved.

Get started with these easy steps

  1. Register with EasyTerritory, download and import the EasyTerritory Unmanaged Solution for Dynamics 365.
  2. Add the Web Resource to any Entity form.
  3. Set the Web Resource properties.

These properties are delimited by an &.

bing=DEPRECATED Bing Maps key for address lookup.
ezt=EasyTerritory URI for address lookups. From EasyTerritory version 1.6.17 on, this is preferred to providing a Bing Maps key.
zoom=Starting Zoom Level
mapCenter=Starting Map Center when no valid location is present on the record
fullAddressCol=Field containing a complete address string
addressCol=Field containing a street address but no other address parts. If the address is broken across multiple fields use addressCol, cityCol, stateCol, and zipCol as needed.
cityCol=Field containing a city name
stateCol=Field containing a state name or abbreviation
zipCol=Field containing a postal code
latCol=Latitude Field (can be string or decimal)
lonCol=Longitude Field (can be string or decimal)

Sample: ezt={customer GUID}/app/index.aspx?latCol=address1_latitude&lonCol=address1_longitude&zoom=10&fullAddressCol=address1