EZT IFRAME allows you to load an EasyTerritory map as an iframe on a form.  This Iframe will dynamically zoom to the record’s latitude and longitude specified on the form.

To configure this feature into your CRM forms follow these easy steps:

  • – Register with, download and import the EasyTerritory Unmanaged Solution for Dynamics CRM.
  • – Browse to target entity’s form configuration page in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • – Click ‘insert’ tab on the top ribbon bar and then click ‘Iframe’ to open the ‘Iframe Properties’ dialogue.
  • – On the ‘General’ tab, specify unique name as: IFRAME_EasyTerritory
  • – Specify URL as:
  •     https://EasyTerritory instance id/app/index.html?projectId=project id&Lat=address1_latitude&Lon=address1_longitude
  • – Add your EasyTerritory instance id, and project id into the URL. Lastly define the fields on the form you would like to map on the Iframe. For, instance if you would like to map the fields ‘address1_latitude‘ and ‘address1_longitude’ you would specify that  after the &Lat= and &Lon= respectfully in the URL.
  • – Specify Label as: EasyTerritory

  • – In the ‘Iframe Properties’ window click the ‘Events’ tab.
  • – In ‘Form Libraries’ add ezt_iframeMap.js
  • – In ‘Event Handlers’ add the Event: ‘OnReadyStateComplete’
  • – Then click the ‘Add’ icon and in the ‘Handler Properties’ pop-up window type the function: ‘iframeMap’. Make sure you check ‘Enabled’.  Finally, press ‘OK’.
  • – Before finishing, click ‘Save’ and ‘Publish’ to enable this feature on your forms.