Configuring the EasyTerritory Connector with the on-premises data gateway for Power BI


With configuring the EasyTerritory Connector to the On-Premises Data Gateway, you can setup schedule data refreshes in Power BI Service that will grab the latest saved changes from your EasyTerritory project and your updated territories will be applied to Power BI data source. To learn more about adding custom connectors to an on-premises data gateway go to Microsoft’s documentation page.

Configure the on-premises data gateway:

  • Download the EasyTerritory Connector and place it in a folder that can be accessed by the user running the gateway service.
  • Download and open the On-Premises Data Gateway app.
  • In the ‘Connectors’ tab, enable ‘Custom data connectors’ and enter the path to the EasyTerritory Connector.
  • Browse to Power BI service and go to ‘Settings’. Under the ‘Datasets’ tab select the gateway that you configured in the previous step.
  • Next, select ‘Edit credentials’ and enter your EasyTerritory URL, project GUID, service username and password.
  • Lastly, under the ‘Schedule refresh’ tab config your desired refresh settings.

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