What’s New? (Release Notes)

March 14, 2022 Release Notes
EasyTerritory 3.122.01

  • Added distance rings and avoid-borders to travel-time rings when using Azure Maps
  • The web-based mobile view now supports the data-grid:

    To view data columns in the Mobile View Data Grid, open the Layer Settings Panel and modify the column configuration to include the mobilegrid flag under Uses/Formats as shown in the image below. Now, when accessing EasyTerritory from a mobile device, you can select multiple records to view record details in the Data Grid:
  • Refactored all labels and dialogs for improved readability
  • Added support to suppress logout button in OIDC-configured identity provider
  • Improved experience for users with smooth-scrolling enabled on their mouse
  • Territory export now includes notes field
  • Added distance attribute to nearest-neighbor REST call:
  • Multiple performance and cosmetic improvements