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Microsoft Azure Maps & Bing Maps Support

EasyTerritory supports either Bing Maps or Azure Maps as options for the base map, geocoding, routing, and travel-time rings functions. Either option is a good choice and both provide worldwide coverage and Microsoft’s unmatched performance and availability. The following is a breakdown of Azure Maps and Bing Maps functionality and licensing as well as links to relevant information for EasyTerritory customers to make an informed decision on which service is best for their needs.

Mapping Features & Coverage

Bing Maps and Azure Maps have comparable support in EasyTerritory.   The following matrix shows the features used by EasyTerritory.  API calls to either of the services for these features would be considered a transaction.   Examples of Bing Maps transactions within EasyTerritory includes a single geocode, a session, a route, or a point of interest (POI) search.

Bing Maps Basic Key Bing Maps Enterprise Azure Maps (S0) Azure Maps (S1)
Global Base Map Tiles Yes Yes Yes Yes
Global Geocoding Yes Yes Yes Yes
Routing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Travel-time Rings (driving) Yes Yes No Yes
Traffic Overlay Yes Yes No No
Points of Interest Search Yes Yes No No
Transactions per month before charges occur 10,000 25,000
Global Map Coverage

Bing Maps:

Azure Maps:

Licensing Overview and Purchase Options

Bing Maps

Bing Maps license keys are obtained through the Microsoft Bing Maps portal (  Bing Maps has two license types for use with EasyTerritory, a Basic Key or an Enterprise Key.

The Bing Maps Basic Key can be obtained from the Bing Maps portal without a credit card and can be used for customers doing less than 10,000 transactions per month (transactions described above).  If your organization typically does more than 10,000 transactions per month, you’ll need a Bing Maps Enterprise key.

EasyTerritory caches geocodes allowable under the Bing Maps TOUs.  This means any subsequent uploads of the same address geocode will not be counted as a transaction.

Microsoft has several SKUs available for a Bing Maps Enterprise Key.  Those include a transaction model SKU or a Known User SKU.  EasyTerritory customers typically purchase the Known User SKU and the associated Bing Maps Platform Access SKU. EasyTerritory licenses by known user as well so the total user volume is easy to calculate.  To obtain a Bing Maps Enterprise key, your organization will need add the SKUs (the Known User SKU and the Bing Maps Platform Access SKU) to your Enterprise Agreement with Microsoft.

Azure Maps

Microsoft Azure Maps is a newer addition to the Microsoft product line and is purchased through the Microsoft Azure Portal.  Acquiring an Azure Maps key requires registration on the Azure Maps portal and the entering of a credit card number.  Azure Maps is billed based on transactions only, and the service has two tiers (S0 and S1) that have some differences in functionality and processing performance.  The S0 tier includes 25,000 transactions per month before charges are incurred.

EasyTerritory caches geocodes for one year per the Azure Maps TOUs.  This means, for a period of a year, any subsequent uploads of the same address geocode will not be counted as a transaction.

The Azure Maps pricing and licensing model is available here:

Terms of Use

Both platforms have their own TOUs defined by Microsoft that you must agree to in order to use.

If you’re having trouble figuring out which service is right for your organization, please ask your sales rep or send us an email at