Posts made in September, 2018

Capacity Planning

Posted By on Sep 21, 2018

Capacity Planning (CP) is a new feature available in 3.19.x. CP allows an analyst to estimate the necessary manpower (workload) for a given region based on historical service records (work orders.) The estimated workload is broken down by service date and the results are displayed in the statistics panel which provides additional information such as standard-deviation and allows for exporting to Excel. In order to use CP, uploaded...

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September 2018 Release!

Posted By on Sep 7, 2018

EasyTerritory is excited to announce the updates that will be included in the September 2018 release, which will include improvements to our Partitioning feature and enhancements to the Markup panel! Improvements to the Partitioning Feature! -With the new release, EasyTerritory users now have the ability to partition points by the number of hours that a route of the points would take, rather than only being able to select the number...

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