MapsJS HTML5 Map Control

MapsJS is a proven HTML5 JavaScript control for building complex geospatial applications built by us here at EasyTerritory. It is the foundation of the EasyTerritory product and is much more than your average map control, it is a comprehensive geospatial JavaScript library. With MapsJS you can:

  • Support touch devices and mobile platforms
  • Display open and commercial base-maps, including, Bing Maps®, MapQuest®, OSM, Nokia (Here Maps) and others
  • Consume custom tile caches including aerial photography, digital elevation models, etc
  • Overlay your business data using external tile sources such as WMS and MapDotNet UX REST API
  • Render external geometry sources like geoJSON and local data right on the client
  • Post-process bitmap tile sources on the client
  • Create advanced client-side rendering such as point-clustering, choropleth and density (hot spot) maps
  • Take your mapping offline for disconnected scenarios
  • Perform advanced digitizing and measurements, even on mobile devices
  • Parse WKT (well-known text) geometry and perform client-side geometry operations
  • Integrate with popular libraries such as knockoutJS, RequireJS, and Durandal 2

The following examples provide source code for the MapsJS HTML5 map control. For MapsJS map control method and property documentation, please click here.