Franchise and Retail Management


Industry Challenges

Franchise growth depends on the ability to manage regional competitiveness from multiple angles, especially a geographic perspective. Understanding the demand for a particular product or service and arranging locations strategically to meet that demand efficiently is vital to success. Defining the areas of protection (AOP)s is often complex and accompanied by inherent difficulties.

The EasyTerritory Solution

Planners use EasyTerritory, the leading territory management software, to visualize a wide array of aggregated metrics to make strategic decisions on where to concentrate resources. Mapping franchise retail locations along with KPIs and demographic datasets results in a rich statistical analysis of current and potential AOPs. Real-time comparison of the analytical data provides quick and optimal geographic-based (Postal Code/County/State) or road-based realignments. Planners using EasyTerritory manage their AOPs resulting in the best franchise networks.

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