EasyTerritory Help Documentation

Please click on the any of the below images to view a tutorial of specific features in EasyTerritory.
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Lay Out

Application Overview

-Layer lengend: understanding client and server layers.
-Editing client side layers and configuring record columns.
-Working with the data grid.
-Markup panel and shape stats.
-Using EasyTerritory icons: rolodex, save, and identify.
-Shape editor panel: using selection tool, drawing tools, and point drop.
Version 2.72.3+

Keyboard Shortcuts

-Undo/ redo operation: CTRL + Z/ Shift + Z
-Add record to data grid: CTRL + Click
-Deselect record in data grid: CTRL + SHIFT + Click
-Reorder records in data gird: CTRL Up/Down Arrow
-Add/Remove record to partion: CTRL + Click/ CTRL + Shift + Click
-View components in territory: CTRL + Click on territory.
-Zoom into a specific area: CTL + CLick and Drag
All Versions

Uploading data tutorial

Upload Data to Create Points

-Formating and preparing data in .csv for upload.
-Upload .csv into EasyTerritory to Geocode.
-Configuring and adding flags to the record columns.
-Record callout.
-Filter and classify records.
Version 2.0.11+

Editing geocoded records

-Record editing prerequisites.
-Identify record to edit
-Relocate record by entering a new street address
-Relocate feature by clicking on the map
-Edit record's attributes
-Add a new record and delete record.
Version 2.55.6+

Join Tabular Data

-Join data with a specific map layer.
-Upload data and choose from upload activity options.
-Configure columns in your new map layer.
-Classify data and visual presentation of data on map.
Version 2.29.8+

Territory Builder

Upload Territory Data

-Format and prepare territory data in .csv for upload.
-Add necessary map layers that corresponds with .csv data.
-Using cleanup options to your .csv data before uploading.
-Markup builder and working with markup panel.
Version 2.0.11+

Realign Territories

-Add new boundaries to territory.
-Using shape stats to help make decisions about realigning territories.
-Realign an existing territory with an adjacent territory.
-Editing territory name and color.
-Realign an exisitng into a new territory.
Version 2.26.1+

Subdivide Territories

-Querying point records in a territory.
-Parition territory into clusters.
-Using markup workflow panel.
-Creating sub territories from an existing territory.
Version 2.55.6+

Show Statistics on Territories

-Viewing basic and detailed statistics from a territory.
-Viewing statitics across all territories
-Export statistic data to excel.
Version 2.26.1+

Partitioning Services

-Creating partition and working with settings dialogue.
-Partioning into clusters based on drive time and delay.
-Manually adjust points in cluster.
-Create route from cluster.
Version 2.17.8+

Advanced Partitioning

- Querying records and reordering specific records in data grid.
-Create partitions based on specific records.
-Configuring and editing partitions.
-Viewing shape stats of partitions.
-Route partitions.
Version 2.55.6+


-Selecting records to include in your route.
-Order of stops on your route.
-Configure settings in create route diologue.
-Review and pring route turn by turn directions.
-Create routes with serveral stops using the polygon tool.
-Create routes using records from two different layers.
-View route and export.
All Versions

Create Partitions Using Scheduling

-Configuring columns to allow scheduling feature.
-Create partion by using schedule tool.
-Displaying scheduled visit partitions.
-Find route.
Version 2.29.8+

Create Rings

-Create rings from the callout.
-Configure straight-line distance or travel time rings.
-Configure mulitiple rings.
-Clip interior portion of each ring.
-Set rings as a markup group.
Version 2.77.7+

Mobile Sales Productivity

-Add a route to the data grid.
-Add route to mobile
-View mobile view.
-Edit mobile view.
-Link to share mobile view via e-mail.
Version 2.58.2+