EasyTerritory is pleased to announce our July 2018 release! This July release (EasyTerritory v3.12.00) includes several new features, but what we are most excited about is the ability to integrate with new CRM platforms. NEW CRM INTEGRATION! Most users know EasyTerritory has long had the ability to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365. With the July 2018 release, we are excited to announce that Salesforce and SugarCRM users can...

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Groups in the Markup Panel

Posted By on Jun 22, 2018

If your organization has sales or service territories assigned to a specific sales or service rep, it is possible that you also have managers who are assigned to oversee multiple service reps, who thus have responsibility for multiple territories. Now EasyTerritory is the leading map-based territory managment software, but did you know you can also use EasyTerritory to help visually manage your organization’s leadership...

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The “Lasso” Feature

Posted By on Jun 15, 2018

Most EasyTerritory users know about the various drawing tools found in the “Shape Editor” panel. Using these tools an EasyTerritory user can draw a circle, a rectangle, or their own polygon onto the map. A new feature which users may not be aware of is the “lasso” feature using the polygon drawing tool. Historically, the polygon drawing tool has been used by clicking points on the map to outline a polygon. Each...

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“Join Data to Layer” Feature

Posted By on May 24, 2018

If you are an EasyTerritory user, then likely you are aware of the extensive layer catalog that comes out-of-the-box with EasyTerritory. You can access ZIP code boundaries, ZIP code center points, US county boundaries, US county center points, US state boundaries, as well as several layers representing international civic boundaries. What you may not be aware of is EasyTerritory’s ability to join a user’s own data with any of these...

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EasyTerritory Keyboard Shortcuts

Posted By on May 18, 2018

Are you aware of the various keyboard shortcuts available to help streamline your experience using EasyTerritory? Here are some of the most helpful shortcuts featured in EasyTerritory: For a quick zoom into a particular spot on the map, simply hold down the Ctrl key, click and drag an envelope on the map, and EasyTerritory will zoom to that space on the page: To get a quick view of the data for a selected record, you can pull the...

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We are pleased to announce that EasyTerritory has been expanded to include integration with SugarCRM! SugarCRM customers are now able to map their records directly from their CRM into EasyTerritory, use EasyTerritory to update their records, and write their updates from EasyTerritory back into SugarCRM. Customers can use EasyTerritory’s ability to write back to SugarCRM for a variety of tasks, including creating Marketing Lists, Trip...

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