Integrating EasyTerritory with SugarCRM

Posted By benton on May 10, 2019 |

EasyTerritory has long been the leading territory mapping software for Dynamics 365, but did you know we also support SugarCRM and Salesforce as well? This week’s blog highlights the steps for setting up EasyTerritory with SugarCRM to map records and perform territory realignment and lead assignment automation.

The first step in setting up SugarCRM integration is enabling the configuration that allows EasyTerritory to read data views from reports. Doing this allows users to visualize their lead, opportunity, and account data on a map, straight from SugarCRM. Layering business data on top of your sales territories gives organizations to power to effective realign sales territories to meet rising sales demands and create balanced coverage. Follow these instructions to setup EasyTerritory with SugarCRM to start mapping records.

The second step is to set up EasyTerritory Territory Lookup Plugin for SugarCRM which enables an organization to automate lead assignment and simplify territory realignment activities through advanced workflows and bulk operations. Lead assignment and territory realignment activities in SugarCRM can take lots of time for a marketing team or SugarCRM administrators to support. Check out our Territory Lookup Plugin documentation to learn how to set up workflows to automate these cumbersome activities.

If you’re a SugarCRM customer interested in simplifying territory management and performing robust geospatial analysis, give us an email and let us show you how easy it can be!