Create Travel-Rings

Posted By Kent Young on Jul 27, 2018 |

There are a variety of ways EasyTerritory users can build their territories. Many users will build territories by geographical boundaries, things like ZIP codes, county boundaries, or even state or country boundaries. Some users prefer to build their own territory boundaries manually using EasyTerritory’s drawing tools.

There is another option for building territories as well. In some cases a user might wish to build a territory around a particular point. For instance, someone in the restaurant industry might want to build a five mile area of protection around each of their locations in order to quickly see if a proposed address for a new restaurant will be too close to an existing one.

EasyTerritory users can do this using the “Create Travel-Rings” feature. The user can either select an individual point, then click the “create travel-rings” button:

Or, the user can query all or any number of the points, then click the “create rings” button in the data grid:

The user can then select whether they want the ring built by driving time (measured in minutes), or a straight-line radius of a circle (measured in miles):

Then they can enter the radius desired and click “Create,” giving them rings built to their entered specifications around each of their queried points:

Each of these rings will show up in the markup panel and can be edited, grouped, or queried just like any other territories can be.

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