Version 3 Release!

Posted By Kent Young on Mar 7, 2018 |

The team has been working hard to bring to market our Version 3 release of EasyTerritory, and it is finally here! This release is a significant product change delivering primarily on two fronts: authentication and mobile access.

Azure AD Support

Version 3 supports Azure Active Directory and ADFS 2016 with OpenID Connect. If you are a subscriber to our Azure-hosted EasyTerritory and you are also using Dynamics 365, you will enjoy a single sign-on (SSO) experience from end to end. With Azure AD Connect, corporate directories (on-premises) can synchronize with the cloud allowing you to provide a shared identity for your internal systems, Office 365 and EasyTerritory. We retain our built-in forms authentication model for those organizations who are not ready to move to Azure AD. All of our authentication models are now supported on our mobile platform as well. So an SSO experience for EasyTerritory and all of your Office 365 SaaS is now possible on your phone.

Enhanced Mobile View

Our mobile platform has been rebuilt from the ground up. Administrators no longer need to take snapshots of their mapped results and save them for mobile views. Mobile users can now open EasyTerritory projects on their mobile devices, getting the business intelligence capabilities of the desktop application. This new approach allows users to open any project and access business data from any supported source including SQL Server, uploaded spreadsheets and even data from Dynamics 365. And since we support all of the desktop authentication models in the mobile view, users in the field will have the best sign-on experience, while still keeping their business data secure.

New Pricing

With these changes to EasyTerritory’s mobile view, there will no longer be the anonymous access capability. In light of this, EasyTerritory Version 3 will now offer a low-price license for mobile-only users. Administrators can manage users directly in EasyTerritory to be “full” or “mobile-only,” with the latter priced at only 20% of the desktop rates! Please see our new price calculator at for a breakdown of the new pricing model.

Updated Bing Content

The latest Microsoft Bing Maps content is now available in this release. This new map content is more up to date both in the US and internationally in such countries as China. We also provide the new “road light” option in map layers for customers who need a more faded map to highlight their business data.

These are some of the exciting new features of EasyTerritory Version 3. Please contact if you are ready to upgrade or to sign up for a free trial.