Posted By Kent Young on Feb 1, 2016 |

The February 2016 release of EasyTerritory (v2.17.8) is now available! This release includes performance and security enhancements. If you’re ready to upgrade, please contact your EasyTerritory account manager today.


  • Route partitioning* – divide point records up by total time (stop delay and drive time)
  • Stop delays and leg times in turn-by-turn directions
  • Stop markers displayed on route stops on the map
  • Markup tags can be repositioned
  • Support for unique identifier in geocode upload process
  • Routing and partitioning now work with server-side layers
  • Can send data-grid results directly to the markup-builder
  • Added shape-stats by classification
  • Can now do shape operations on projects with only uploaded/geocoded data
  • Routing can be cancelled in mid-processing
  • Several fixes and improvements

*Partitioning allows users to divide point datasets into one or more clusters of equal time based on stop delays at each stop and drive time between stops. Partitioning, or “rough-routing”, is used to break a large workload of service requests or sales visits into groups for each technician or salesperson. Clusters created by the partitioning step can be fine-routed to get detail driving times and directions.

Check out our demo video to see this new feature in action: