Posted By Kent Young on Aug 3, 2015 |

The August release of EasyTerritory (v1.10.2) is now available! This release includes a number of new enhancements, miscellaneous bug fixes, and performance improvements. If you’re ready to upgrade, please contact your EasyTerritory account manager today.


Improvements to Dynamics CRM integration

  • New Map View Builder

The EasyTerritory solution for Dynamics CRM now includes a new web resource for adding multiple views from any CRM entity to a single map. For example, you can use this tool to pull leads, opportunities, and accounts into the same map. For more information on the Map Viewer builder,  click here.

  • Enhancement to the Advanced Find button to support launching map without having to execute the query first.
  • Update to the data synchronization plugin to support data refresh call within EasyTerritory. This will automatically refresh the data in an EasyTerritory project when the data changes in a secondary SQL table.
  • Fixed bug in column layer ordering in the ‘Configure Columns’ panel.

Improvements to the filtering

  • Support for free-form filters. Allows user to enter free-form text as a filter parameter.
  • Support for data and time in classification and filters.

Enhancements to mark-up panel

  • Added support to show all mark-up labels at once.
  • Added support for ordering mark-up by label (asc or desc).
  • Added support for mark-up filter/search. Improves ease of finding mark-up in the mark-up list.

Geocode upload dialog enhancements

  • Added County as a geocoding parameter.
  • Added support for adjusting datatype for columns after upload.

Travel-time rings and routing

  • Improvements to travel-time rings results in areas with larger water bodies or tracts of land with no roads.
  • Support for turn-by-turn directions in route results panel.

Administration Panel

  • Support for setting project level filters in the admin panel. Useful for admins to set or adjust layer level filters on a project.
  • Miscellaneous improvements to the admin panel.


  • Added support for deleting projects.
  • Added a new project button for starting a new project from scratch.